The worst case scenario for the San Francisco 49ers came true during the NFC Championship game against the Eagles, they were left without a quarterback due to injuries suffered by Purdy and his backup.

But the 49ers didn't give up, they had to play without a quarterback and Kittle knew that limited the 49ers to a few snaps without a good throwing arm.

Kittle had a good season, good stats, and he was part of the 12-game winning streak that led the 49ers to the NFC Championship game.

What was George Kittle's reaction after losing the NFC Championship game?

George Kittle was clear and tough about the loss against the Eagles: “How does it feel to lose an NFC Championship Game because I don't have a quarterback? Pretty sh---y, to be honest.”

Another important thing that Kittle pointed out during his post game interview was: “You dress two QB’s and neither one of them can throw & neither one of them is really available. It kind of limits our playbook to like 15 plays. You can only do so much. I'm pumped that my team didn't quit, they were fighting.”