In the common era, there have been no first-overall picks from Alabama Crimson Tide. That changed in the 2023 NFL Draft when the Carolina Panthers selected Bryce Young. How much money will the quarterback make on his rookie contract?

Bryce Young waited his whole life for this moment. Commissioner Roger Goodell announced his arrival to the Panthers with the first-overall pick in a move that everybody expected from the NFC South team.

While Young's pocket awareness is incredible
, his size is still something that creates a lot of doubt. However, he's set to be a star for Carolina and lead them to success finally.

Bryce Young's rookie contract with the Panthers: How much money will the quarterback make?

"I'm super grateful to be here," Young said after being selected. "I'm going to give everything I have. They believed in me. Everything I have, I will give them to them, not only on Sundays, but the whole week."

Of course, he's grateful because being the first-overall pick leads to a juicy rookie contract. As the draft goes on, players get paid less, so Young will be able to earn a huge amount of money during his first four years in the NFL.

According to Spotrac, the  Carolina Panthers will have to give Bryce Young
 a four-year contract, worth $41,217,000. Will he be able to live up to the expectations and earn an extension once the rookie deal ends?