As the 2022 NFL season ended for the Buffalo Bills, they must work on their next campaign in order to improve and fight for the Super Bowl LVIII. Unfortunately, the team has received a message from Josh Allen regarding his elbow injury that may change their whole 2023.

Even though the Bills were seen, according to the oddsmakers, as the favorites to win the Super Bowl LVII, they fell short in their mission and were eliminated in the Divisional round by the Bengals.

But as they work for their 2023 season, Josh Allen, the team's starting quarterback, has sent them a message regarding his elbow injury that the Bills may not take very well.

Josh Allen takes a decision on his elbow injury for the 2023 season

Josh Allen is probably one of the best five quarterbacks in the NFL nowadays. Despite being eliminated in the Divisional round, he's coming back to Buffalo in 2023, but he may not have very good news for the team.

After his 2022 season ended, Allen had to check on his campaign to see what was wrong. One of the main topics is his elbow injury, which didn't heal completely and still gives him problems. But the quarterback thinks he will be able to recover by himself and avoid surgery.

"We don't think an operation is necessary at this time. Obviously rest and recovery is going to be really good for it," Allen said, via the team's official site

Of course it is not always necessary to get a surgery to recover and only time will tell if Allen has taken the right decision. Fortunately, he has a lot of time until the next season to get some rest and return at his best.