Joe Burrow is not very happy with the NFL. After the Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Buffalo Bills in the Divisional round, the quarterback shared a cold statement on the league not trusting his team to advance to the AFC Championship game.

The Bengals went against all the odds in the Divisional round. They got a huge win at Highmark Stadium against the Bills, who were the Super Bowl LVII favorites for the oddsmakers, and earned their place in the AFC Championship game.

Despite this victory, Joe Burrow, Bengals' quarterback, is not very happy with the NFL. The 26-year-old has sent a cold message to the league that Roger Goodell might not take very well.

Joe Burrow's statement on NFL selling tickets for the AFC Championship Game in a neutral site

Week 17's matchup between Buffalo and Cincinnati changed everything for the 2022 Playoffs. After this game was cancelled, the NFL revealed that, if the Chiefs and the Bills arrived to the AFC Championship duel, this would be played at a neutral site due to their records.

Joe Burrow felt very underestimated for it.

The league started selling tickets for the AFC Championship game in Atlanta, the neutral site, before the Divisional round in case the Bills defeated the Bengals, which didn't happen. "Better send those refunds," Burrow said after their win against Buffalo.

Joe 'Cold' Burrow is a reality.