Whenever Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski jumped into a field, the rivals were scared of them. Now, the tight end has weighed in on the quarterback's possible return to the New England Patriots and didn't hesitate in his answer.

Rob Gronkowski is absolutely a future Hall of Famer. The tight end won four Super Bowls alongside Tom Brady, becoming one of the most dominant couples in NFL history.

But as they left the New England Patriots, the team has been struggling to find a new quarterback and tight end, but there are rumors that Brady could return next year and Gronk has addressed the situation.

Rob Gronkowski gets real on rumors of Tom Brady returning to Patriots

Gronk and Brady had a great partnership in the years they spent together at New England and Tampa Bay. The tight end is retired now, but Tom is probably going to return for his 24th season, although is uncertain where.

According to the latest rumors, there's a chance for a possible reunion between Brady and the Patriots again. Gronk was questioned about it and his response was probably not what everybody expected to be.

"I would 100% be surprised if he went back to New England, no doubt," Gronkowski said to Travis and Jason Kelce on their New Heights podcast. "It would be nuts, it would be a crazy story, but I just really don’t see that happening. I'm not Tom, I’m just putting my analyzing skills out there, and I think that would be a tough shot for him, but it’s open."

If Tom decides to return to New England, where he won six Super Bowls, would he tempt Gronkowski to un-retire and get a Last Dance with the Patriots?