The league is holding in these days its annual meetings to discuss a wide variety of topics. In this part of the offseason there aren’t a ton of things going on since the draft is still a bit far ahead, so it’s the ideal moment to talk about potential rule changes.

NFL owners have just voted a proposal made by the Philadelphia Eagles, with a favorable outcome that will take full effect next season. Their proposition was to allow players to wear N°0 on their jerseys, something that has been out of the game for quite some time.

In 2021 teams agreed to expand the position groups that could use single-digit numbers. That led to multiple players going back to their old high-school or college traditions, although this idea was even more innovative.

What player will wear jersey N°0?

The antecedent of last year with the approval of the new jersey numbers made this rule change more likely to happen. Despite this was approved just today, there is a player that didn’t take much time to confirm this will be his number.

Wide receiver Calvin Ridley of the Jacksonville Jaguars will be wearing N°0. The franchise confirmed it with a post on social media, and it could be meaningful for him. Ridley was suspended for the full 2022 season because of a gambling-related issue, but he was already reinstated. This will be his presentation in front of a new team after being traded from the Atlanta Falcons.