The NFL Scouting Combine held in Indianapolis is already over, but the search for prospects will continue for the next two months. The new league year is near, although some teams received a very good update ahead of the draft. There is now a list of 37 compensatory picks awarded to 16 teams.

Selecting the right players in this event is essential to have a competitive team. The perfect example are the Kansas City Chiefs for what they did last year. They have some top players in the roster that require big cap figures such as Patrick Mahomes or Travis Kelce, so drafting the right rookies was something mandatory.

The Chiefs were so good at it that they had meaningful contributions from them in their Super Bowl win against the Philadelphia Eagles. There is why this news could help a team get better faster through the draft. One team in particular was the main beneficiary.

List of NFL compensatory picks 2023

There are several franchises that received multiple extra picks for the upcoming draft. Teams like Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, and Arizona Cardinals all received three selections. Among those who got two are Las Vegas Raiders, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Washington Commanders.

The winner of this distribution were the San Francisco 49ers. Their new picks reached a total of seven, but the thing to highlight is that three of them are third-round selections. Behind the 49ers are the Los Angeles Rams with four. Here is the full list of the 37 compensatory picks distributed for the 2023 draft.

What are the compensatory picks in the NFL?

The NFL has a mathematical formula used to assign compensatory picks. These are extra selections that teams receive depending on different factors. Although the exact method is unknown, it takes into account the free agency of the year prior. Those teams who had more meaningful departures than arrivals regarding salary, playing time and postseason honors are the ones who get picks.

It is key to mention they are awarded for the end of rounds 3-7. In the latest CBA there was an amendment made to promote minority hirings as head coach or general manager. San Francisco was granted more picks than the rest mostly for DeMeco Ryans, Mike McDaniel, and Robert Saleh being hired to be HC.