Pete Carroll made a crucial decision in the offseason. The head coach traded franchise quarterback Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos and then gave the starting job to Geno Smith over Drew Lock. In an incredible turn of events, the offense ignited and the Seahawks suddenly clinched a ticket to the NFL playoffs.

After Russell Wilson went to the Broncos, nobody expected to see the Seattle Seahawks in the postseason. It was supposed to be a rebuilding year for head coach Pete Carroll considering the quarterback who led them to a Super Bowl victory was gone.

Now, after the success of Geno Smith with the Seattle Seahawks, a new controversy emerged around the team and it involves Russell Wilson. Read here to find out all the details about the quarterback's scandal and his answer to a shocking report.

Report: Russell Wilson wanted Pete Carroll fired of Seattle Seahawks

According to a report from The Athletic, Russell Wilson pushed for Pete Carroll to be fired as head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. Furtermore, the quarterback also wanted John Schneider out as general manager.

The information states that, in February of 2022, Russell Wilson tried to convince the Seahawks that Pete Carroll had to be out in order to bring Sean Payton as the new head coach of the team. As a consequence, just a month later, the front office took a huge decision and traded Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos. 

After the scandal broke out, Russell Wilson had an immediate answer to the claims against him. "I love Pete and he was a father figure to me and John believed in me and drafted me as well. I never wanted them fired. All any of us wanted was to win. l'll always have respect for them and love for Seattle. Focused on moving forward! Best is ahead."

So, one year after this alleged scandal, both parts are definitely moving in different directions. Russell Wilson got his wish with Sean Payton signing as head coach for the Denver Broncos and the Seahawks trying to get a new deal for Geno Smith in order to keep him in Seattle.