The Buffalo Bills ended their season way earlier than expected. A Super Bowl favorite when the season was about to begin ended up losing against the Cincinnati Bengals at home in the divisional round. But it is still surprising that Josh Allen is not playing the 2023 Pro Bowl Games.

Now that the NFL Playoffs are over it’s time for the equivalent of the all-star game of the NBA. The action in this revamped event began on Thursday with plenty of activities, all praised on social media. From dodgeball to water-balloon passes to linemen catching punts, the stars of the league had a ton of fun.

Allen was not in the list of players that participated in this competition. The quarterback is instead playing in the famous AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament, where Green Bay PackersAaron Rodgers is also making headlines. Although that raised the question of why he isn’t in Las Vegas.

Why is Josh Allen not participating in the 2023 Pro Bowl?

The Pro Bowl rosters always have modifications to the original selections. Some players aren’t there because they are in the Super Bowl, while others decline the invitation for injuries. This year was particularly noticeable since the AFC has a QB lineup that includes Tyler Huntley. There are six other star signal-callers not playing for different reasons.

Allen is not in the 2023 Pro Bowl Games due to an injury. The quarterback cited that as to why he isn’t in Las Vegas with his other teammates. Bills quarterback had an issue in his right elbow vs the New York Jets in week 14 that carried on the rest of the season. But it’s definitely worth noting it was more of an excuse since he is indeed in a golf tournament at this time.