Every now and then, a huge and unsurprising trade has the potential to completely shake off the landscape of the league, and the NFL isn't the exception to that rule. Over and over, we've seen veteran stars jump teams and take their talents elsewhere. Then again, the recent trade between Los Angeles Rams and Detroit Lions was one of a kind, as it was the first time that two former 1st overall picks - Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff - swapped places. Now, both organizations head into next season with highs expectations.

The Rams traded three future picks and Jared Goff in return for the veteran quarterback, which for some may seem like a steep price considering his lack of success in the playoffs, age, and story with injuries.

For others, the Rams have become instant Super Bowl contenders with the addition of a talented and tough gunslinger, who's clearly a big upgrade over an inconsistent player like Jared Goff.

Aaron Donald Is Excited About Matthew Stafford Joining The Rams

One of those guys who's excited for things to come is defensive superstar Aaron Donald, who recently gave his input on this surprising take and admitted that not even he saw it coming whatsoever:

I’m pretty sure everybody was shocked with it. Stafford’s a great quarterback. I’m excited about having him with the team. A veteran guy that knows the game, been playing the game at a high level for a long time. It was a business decision that the Rams organization chose to make. I will always love Goff, that’s my brother forever. I guess things didn’t work out how they wanted to, so they made a change," Donald said, according to Josh Alper of ProFootballTalk.


For the first time in his career, Stafford is going to have solid and multiple weapons at his disposal, as well as an offensive line that's actually capable of keeping him safe. Hopefully, he's finally going to get the credit he's been due for a long time.