The NFL is one of the most popular sports leagues in the World, and in the United States has no equal, few if any have the revenue that is generated by the NFL. With a relatively short season, the NFL grips the country like few drawn out sports leagues do all year.

The Super Bowl is much more than just a championship match, it is a mega event that features the best musical acts in the world, and the most expensive TV commercials produced for that year. One Super Bowl minute can run as high as $11 million.

On social media each team is working on their brand, and we have ranked each NFL team as per their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter following. Here are the most popular NFL teams based off of social media.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars - 1.9M

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been in the NFL since 1995, their success has been moderate only winning 3 division titles. The Jaguars have been to 7 NFL playoffs and are a very local team and one of three in Florida.

31. Cincinnati Bengals - 2.6M

One of the NFL’s traditional teams the Cincinnati Bengals have a total of 2.6 million fans on social media, the club has a modest history where they have been to the playoffs 14 times, 9 division championships, and 3 conference championships. The Super Bowl has eluded them in their 54 year history.

30. Tennessee Titans - 2.6M

The Tennessee Titans became the Tennessee Titans at the dawn of the internet boom and 6 years removed from the bang of social media. Since 1999 the team won the AFC conference championship that first season and has been to the playoffs 9 times.

29. Los Angeles Rams - 2.9M

This one is hard to measure, the Los Angeles Rams have 2.9 million fans on social media, but the team moved to Los Angeles in 2016, having been in St. Louis until 2015, so how many fans are from L.A. could be up in the air.

28. Buffalo Bills - 2.9M

The king of small market teams the Buffalo Bills have been to 4 straight Super Bowls in 1990 – 1993. The club has won 11 division championships and been to the playoffs 20 times taking into account their AFL and NFL days.

27. Los Angeles Chargers – 3.2M

Always apart of California the then San Diego and now Los Angeles Chargers have 3.2 million fans on social media. The team has been sporadically to the playoffs, their last showing in 2018. The Chargers have been division champions 15 times in their dual city history.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 3.3M

Two-time Super Bowl winners the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have 3.3 million fans on social media, but that got a hike due to the signing of NFL great Tom Brady. The Bucs have 11 playoff appearances to go along with two titles.

25. Arizona Cardinals – 3.4M

Nomads of the NFL the Arizona Cardinals were once in Chicago, then St. Louis, where they shared the name of the MLB team, in 1988 the team moved to Phoenix and eventually took on the state name. Since 1988 the Cardinals have made 5 playoff appearances and have been division champions 3 times. In 2008 the Cardinals were NFC conference champions.

24. New York Jets – 3.7M

One of two NFL teams in the big apple, the Jets are the little brother to the Giants in regard to popularity. The one-time Super Bowl champs have been largely underachievers in the NFL, last making the playoffs in 2010!

23. Detroit Lions – 3.8 M

One of the oldest NFL teams, going back to 1930 the Detroit Lions have made the playoffs 21 times, and are winners of 4 conference finals. The Lions along with the Tigers of the MLB are Detroit sports.

22. Washington Football Team – 4M

Washington is going through an identity crisis, removing the name Redskins from their name, and still up in the air what the team’s identity will be going forward. For now, the unnamed team has 3 Super Bowl titles, 5 conference titles, and 15 division titles, hopefully the fans will get a proper name for a team of so much history.

21. Cleveland Browns – 4M

Another traditional NFL team the Cleveland Browns have 4 million fans on social media and returned to the playoffs in 2020, following a near 18-year drought.

20. Indianapolis Colts – 4M

Another team with a dual city past, the Indianapolis Colts were once the Baltimore Colts and moved in 1984. Until this day many fans in Charm City are still fans of “their” Colts. The Colts won two Super Bowls one as Baltimore and one as Indianapolis, they have made the playoffs on 29 occasions.

19. Miami Dolphins – 4.3M

Miami may be a “weak” sports town traditionally when it comes to popularity and attendance, but the Miami Dolphins have long been an exception. Always playing to sell-out crowds, the Dolphins are winners of two Super Bowls, 5 conference championships, and 13 division titles.

18. Minnesota Vikings – 4.4 M

Another traditional NFL team the Minnesota Vikings have 4.4 million fans on social media following their every move. The local market team has been to the playoffs 30 times, winning 4 conference titles, and 20 division titles. They did win one NFL title, pre-Super Bowl days.

17. Houston Texans – 5.2M

The Houston Texans are relatively new to the NFL since 2002, they have not won a major title but have been to the playoffs 6 times, the last time in 2019. Nonetheless the team is very popular in Houston and is one of the most followed teams in the NFL.

16. Baltimore Ravens – 5.3M

The NFL returned to Baltimore in 1996 and was met with open arms, this time as the Baltimore Ravens, the Ravens have embedded themselves in the community and have won 2 titles for Charm City. The team’s homage to Michael K. Williams, the actor who played infamous The Wire character Omar Little was a social media sensation.

15. Atlanta Falcons – 5.3M 

Playing in one of the best stadiums in the United States, the Atlanta Falcons have grown in popularity as they have grown in ambition. The Falcons have won two conference titles, 6 division titles, and are hungry to make the playoffs again.

14. Kansas City Chiefs – 5.6M

Two-time Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs are one of the most popular teams in the NFL with Patrick Mahomes leading the charge. The Chiefs have been to the playoffs in the last 3 seasons.

13. Las Vegas Raiders – 6.8M

Another nomad of the NFL the Las Vegas Raiders was at one point extremely popular in the late 80’s as the Los Angeles Raiders, their jackets sold tremendously, especially when reputed mob boss John Gotti was spotted with one in New York. Hard to pick just how many fans are following out of nostalgia or because they’re from Vegas, the team was in LA and Oakland before moving to Vegas in 2020.

12. Carolina Panthers – 6.9M

Another team to arrive to the NFL in the mid 90’s the Carolina Panthers have just under 7 million fans on social media. Their history is modest with only 8 playoff appearances and 2 conference titles.

11. Chicago Bears – 6.9M

The Chicago Bears are just what comes to mind when you think about traditional NFL teams. The team is over 100 years old and has had some legendary NFL players and teams over the years. Da Bears were made popular on SNL with fans drinking to “Da Bears”.

10. New Orleans Saints – 7.3M

The New Orleans Saints have been around since the 1960’s and are embedded in the sports culture of New Orleans, with over 7 million fans on social media, the party town capital of the United States, have a strong team to support. Winners of 1 Super Bowl and 14 playoff appearances.

9. New York Giants – 7.6M 

Big blue, the New York Giants is one of the most popular sports teams in New York, maybe only behind the New York Yankees. The Giants are winners of four Super Bowl titles and have made the playoffs 32 times.

8. Denver Broncos – 7.8M

In Denver everyone is a Denver Broncos fan, and the team is a part of the sporting landscape in the city. Over 7 million fans follow the team and continues to be one of the most popular in the whole league.

7. San Francisco 49ers – 8.4 M

The 49ers are in the top 10, and one of the most popular teams in the NFL, Joe Montana made sure that a lot of people jumped on board of their wagon, as they have plenty of fans from all over the world.

6. Philadelphia Eagles – 8.7M

One of the rowdiest fan bases in all of the NFL, everybody knows they’re going to have a hard time if they visit Philadelphia wearing a jersey from out of town. Winners of the 2017 Super Bowl, things can escalate pretty quickly when they’re celebrating, but that’s just how they do things in Philly.

5. Seattle Seahawks – 8.8 M

Seattle loves their sports, whether it’s showing love to the Sounders, or the Seahawks, the Seattle fans are passionate about their teams. It is no surprise to see them as one of the most popular teams in the NFL.

4. Green Bay Packers – 9.7 M

A small market town that stole the heart of America, the Green Bay Packers have fans all over the country and the world on social media. The franchise deserves a lot of credit, all they do is field competitive teams and great players, kinda hard not to root for them.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers- 12.4M

One of the traditional powerhouses and best supported teams in the NFL the Steelers have fans from all over the world, including countries in South America, Europe, and Asia. Going to a Steelers game is one of the best sporting experiences in the United States.

2. New England Patriots – 15.6M

When a team wins like the Patriots do, they will be followed from all corners of the globe. The Patriots are a passion in New England and one of the go-to teams to watch all over the world. With fans from Mexico, South America, Europe, and Asia, winning makes teams popular. 

1. Dallas Cowboys – 16M

America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys for some reason have a special place in the heart of diehard NFL fans all over the world. Fans gravitate towards the Cowboys through the best and worst of times and their popularity knows no bounds with 16 million followers on social media. The Cowboys have worked their brand better than any NFL team on the planet.