The Dallas Cowboys entered last season with high hopes and expectations. They had a new coach in Mike McCarthy and wanted to put an end to their Super Bowl drought. But their porous defense, lack of offensive balance, and Dak Prescott's injury took a toll on their chances.

Now, their star quarterback will be back under center and ready to go. He overcame a gruesome and potentially career-threatening injury but according to multiple reports, he's looked as good as he's ever been.

Nonetheless, Prescott recently said that he's not looking to put up big numbers next year. That's why because throwing for a lot of yards means that you're not running the football, and that's not gonna get it done in the NFL.

Dak Prescott Says He Doesn't Want To Pass For 6,000+ Yards This Season

“I don’t want to throw for 6,000 yards, to be honest with you,” Prescott told the Dallas Morning News. “That means we’re not running the ball. That means we’re not probably doing the things we need to do to be a balanced, winning team. Sure, it would be great to have those numbers and to break that or to have that record or whatever it is. But it’s not something that I put in my head. As I said, I want to be the best offense in the NFL, and I think the best way we can do that is if I’m not throwing that many yards, and our run game is working, and we’re playing complementary football, and we’re winning a lot of games. And I think if that’s the case, then hopefully I’m not playing as many fourth quarters trying to come back and do the two-minute drills we were doing in the first five games that got me a lot of those numbers.”

Prescott was on pace to throw for 6,700+ yards last season before going down with that injury but that didn't translate into much success for his team. Hopefully, they'll be able to run the ball and give the offense more balance next season.