The new contract that Dak Prescott signed with the Dallas Cowboys places him between the highest-paid players in the NFL. Some rumors linked the quarterback with a potential move, but he'll continue at the organization that drafted him in 2016, and that showed once again plenty of confidence in him to be the franchise QB.

The Cowboys #4 already had a great salary in the contract that was coming to an end this year, but the new agreement means a great improvement to that deal. He will continue at Dallas for another four years in exchange of mind-blowing figures, which set Prescott to get one of the highest salaries in the NFL.

The terms of the deal between the QB and the franchise seem unreal, but there are more unbelievable contracts for other big names in the league. After this blockbuster deal, we'll take a look into the five highest salaries in the NFL based on the average salary per year.

5. Jared Goff (QB, Detroit Lions) and Aaron Rodgers (QB, Green Bay Packers)

Jared Goff and Aaron Rodgers have an annual average salary of $33.5 million (Getty)

. Annual average salary: $33,500,000

The recently traded signal-caller from Los Angeles Rams to Detroit Lions is among the five best-paid players based on annual salary alongside the much more experienced Aaron Rodgers, the veteran gunslinger that still impresses with Green Bay and was named the NFL 2020 season MVP.

4. Russell Wilson (QB, Seattle Seahawks)

Russell Wilson is Seattle Seahawks' franchise QB (Getty).

. Annual average salary: $35,000,000

Russell Wilson is deservedly recognized as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the league, even though he couldn't repeat the success he had with Seattle in 2013. The Seahawks have been delighted with their franchise QB and that explains the deluxe contract they signed him, although he may be on the move before the new season.

3. Deshaun Watson (QB, Houston Texans)

Deshaun Watson may be looking for another team to challenge for the title (Getty).

. Annual average salary: $39,000,000

The first-round pick from the 2017 NFL Draft soon became a franchise quarterback for the Houston Texans and turned to be one of the most important figures in the league. Deshaun Watson is the third-best paid player, above many experienced signal-callers. His time at Houston is probably running out as it is rumored that he will leave, but meanwhile, he still has an astonishing salary.

2. Dak Prescott (QB, Dallas Cowboys)

Dak Prescott signed a new huge contract with the Cowboys (Getty).

. Annual average salary: $40,000,000

Many NFL fans don't praise the extraordinary millions that are given to Prescott, but the Cowboys seem convinced that he's the right guy and that he deserves such a contract. The QB will earn $160 million after the recent four-year deal that the Cowboys signed him, and he also received a $66 million signing bonus, the highest in the league's history.

1. Patrick Mahomes (QB, Kansas City Chiefs)

Patrick Mahomes is set to be an NFL legend (Getty).

. Annual average salary: $45,000,000

It shouldn't be a surprise that Patrick Mahomes tops this list. He already led Kansas City to a long-awaited Super Bowl triumph, and he still has plenty to offer. The Chiefs have signed him to a historic 10-year deal, aiming to secure a potentially legendary QB.