Mike McDaniel is the new head coach of the Miami Dolphins, he took the job after Brian Flores was fired and this whole situation endangered the stability of the Dolphins after two winning seasons.

The first team where McDaniel worked was the Denver Broncos in 2005, it was a short time in Denver but that internship gave McDaniel a clear perspective of what his football career in the NFL was going to be.

The chaos that ensued after Brian Flores left the Dolphins was the trigger for McDaniel's arrival in Miami. It was a relatively quick decision since other names were on the list of possible candidates, including: Jim Harbaugh, Brian Daboll and Eric Bienemy.

Who is Mike McDaniel's wife?

Katie Hemstalk is the wife of the new head coach of the Dolphins, they have a hermetic and little public relationship but it is known that she is originally from California. The couple has been together since 2014 and they have a little daughter named Ayla June.

What is McDaniel's salary with the Dolphins?

McDaniel's contract with the Dolphins is for 4 years, which is the kind of contract most new head coaches get. But all the details of McDaniel's contract details with the Dolphins are not yet known, although it is estimated that he could earn between $3.5m and $4.5m per season, since Brian Flores earned $3m with a 5-year contract and also signed his first contract after working as a linebackers coach with the Patriots.

What is Mike McDaniel's experience as a coach?

As a coaching intern with the Broncos in 2005, after that McDaniel spent two years as an offensive assistant with the Texans from 2006-2008. In 2009 he worked with the now defunct Sacramento Mountain Lions of the UFL as running backs coach, that job opened the door for him back in the NFL and he joined the Commanders as Offensive assistant until 2012.

Between 2013 and 2014 McDaniel was a wide receivers coach for the Commanders and Browns, until he finally moved to Atlanta to become the Falcons' offensive assistant during the 2015-2016 season. The last five years were good for McDaniel as he worked with the 49ers in two roles, one as Run game coordinator and finally as Offensive coordinator.

How old is Mike McDaniel?

He is a relatively young head coach at 38 years of age, McDaniel was born in Aurora, Colorado on March 6, 1983. Most head coaches start before the age of 40 but very few manage to win a Super Bowl that young.