Stephen Curry is one of the greatest NBA players of all time. But, as it happens with all the greats, he's got his fair share of haters and critics who always try to find something to call him out or point fingers at him for.

Curry entered this season under a lot of pressure, as the Golden State Warriors need to get back to the playoffs and he won't have Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant by his side as he did in the past.

That's why he's had to put together some incredible performances just to be able to lead his team to close wins, and why Draymond Green was quick to call out his haters following his historical 62-point performance.

Draymond Green Says Stephen Curry Has Always Carried The Team

“Everybody’s always going to try and find a reason to nitpick at something Steph does. Whether it’s Oh, you haven’t won a Finals MVP, or Oh, you haven’t carried a team. If I’m not mistaken he carried the 2015 [team] pretty damn far. And so to be honest he’s carried every team," Green told the media.

”I think everybody has critics. When you’re doing something right, you’re going to have critics. The day you don’t have critics, they don’t care about you anymore and it’s probably time to move on. So I think critics aren’t all bad," Green added.

When talking about Curry's magical 62-point explosion, Green claimed that he knew it was coming because of Steph's mindset and said that he told his teammates to just set screens because he knew he wasn't passing the ball:

"Steph has the tendency at times to f*ck around with the basketball. There was no f*cking around. He came out and everything was shot or attack," the former Defensive Player of the Year concluded.

If they don't like you, the fans will always find a way to talk smack about you or your game. It happens to the best, and there's absolutely no denying that Stephen Curry is one of the best not only in his generation but in basketball history.