Two months ago, if you were to Google 'Deshaun Watson', you would've found nothing but highlight reels and people around the NFL talking about how great of a quarterback he is and how much he deserved to be in a winning team.

Now, his name is all over tabloids, gossip portals, and social media for something completely unrelated to football, as he's facing 22 civil lawsuits from women that claim that he sexually harassed them.

Needless to say, that has taken a huge toll on his image, up to the point where Nike, Beats by Dre, and multiple companies have decided to suspend their endorsements with the Pro-Bowl quarterback.

Deshaun Watson's Case

According to attorney Tony Buzbee, Watson has behaved inappropriately with - at least - 22 masseuses, with just one of them coming forward in public so far. In the next couple of days, nine more women are expected to formally accuse him.

As per the plaintiff, Watson has had a years-long pattern of abuse to private massage therapists, and some leaked texts of him apologizing to some of them have raised questions about his innocence.

The Flawed Argument

It took some time before Watson and his attorney blatantly denied the accusations. However, the fact that he's had over 20 massage therapists in just a handful of years in the NFL raises a lot of questions.

More than that, his attorney went from completely denying the report to admitting that there had been some 'consensual encounters' between his client and some of the masseuses he hired.

The Conspiracy Theory

Other people think that this is nothing but a dirty play by the Houston Texans to get back at Watson for openly demanding a trade away from the team, as it all happened as soon as he stated that he wasn't coming back next season. 

Deshaun Watson's Future In The NFL

As for the NFL, they continue to investigate this case and could look to put Watson in paid leave. That could prompt the Texans to part ways with him and no other team would sign him while the investigation is ongoing. Notably, he had just signed a $160-million contract extension.