Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers lost their second Super Bowl in five years against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. It was a 25-22 thriller in Las Vegas which ended after a very controversial decision made by the head coach before the start of overtime.

The 49ers had a huge advantage when they won the coin toss, but, in a surprising turn of events, Fred Warner announced San Francisco wanted the ball. It was a direct order from Shanahan. As a consequence, Andy Reid and his offense would know exactly what they needed in their first possession.

In the end, that sequence sparked a big debate in the NFL. Brock Purdy got a field goal and then Mahomes answered with a touchdown to end the game. The heir of Tom Brady did it again.

Kyle Shanahan is convinced the 49ers can win another Super Bowl

The San Francisco 49ers haven’t won a Super Bowl in 29 years. However, Kyle Shanahan believes this group can bounce back from two losses in the big game against the Chiefs. The head coach warned the NFL that they will be ready for another push even after that crushing overtime in Las Vegas.

“Guys need to get away. This is real. You do have to grieve this. I think our guys are really passionate about their jobs. Our guys are going to be hungry as ever coming back from this.

Kyle Shanahan was asked if he regrets any of his decisions during the Super Bowl. Even after what happened in overtime, the head coach is convinced it was the right call.

“When you lose, you’ll go over that stuff. Every decision you made. There is nothing that I thought in the moment that it did wrong. I was proud of everything. Like the thought process behind everything.”