Matthew Stafford left good stats with the Lions but it was never enough for him to win a Super Bowl with Detroit. Also, the Lions have been a losing franchise since the 20th century and it's unlikely they'll play better next season despite having a quarterback like Goff.

In his college football career Stafford played for Georgia, in three seasons he scored 51 touchdowns with 33 interceptions, 7731 yards, 564/987 passes completed for 57.1% effectiveness. He won only two awards during his college years, First-team All-American in 2008 and Second-team All-SEC in the same year.

Stafford played for the Lions since 2009, his first winning season was in 2011 with 10-6 overall and his first NFL record with the Lions was in the 2012 season with 435/727 passes completed but that season ended with a negative record of 4-12 overall.

How old is Matthew Stafford?

Stafford is a 34-year-old veteran with nearly a full decade in the NFL since his debut with the Lions. Stafford was born on February 7, 1988 in Tampa, Florida. But for a short time I have lived in Georgia.

When Matthew Stafford was drafted?

During the 2009 NFL Draft, Stafford was drafted by the Detroit Lions as the first overall pick. He was considered a big star at the time and sports analysts were sure he would be a top pick for the 2009 Draft.

What is Stafford's contract with the Rams?

After his departure from Detroit, Stafford still has his previous $135 million contract that he originally signed with the Lions in 2017. That contract is still active as the Rams and Lions traded quarterbacks with nearly similar contracts, Goff $134 and Stafford a million more.

What is the net worth of Matthew Stafford?

Stafford has a yearly salary of $12.5m for 2022, while in 2021 Stafford earned just $9.5m and Stafford's personal net worth is $80 million and it is expected that after the end of Super Bowl LVI the Rams and Stafford will start discussing his future contract with the team, especially if he wins the big game.