The Tennessee Titans took everyone by surprise when they selected quarterback Malik Willis in the 2022 NFL Draft, especially Ryan Tannehill. Many felt that his job wouldn't be at risk anyway, but Tannehill's comments about working with the rookie raised some eyebrows.

"I don't think it's my job to mentor him, but if he learns from me along the way then that's a great thing," he said. That controversial take was heavily criticised in the NFL world, as that's not what people expect to hear from a veteran signal-caller.

But of course, others have also taken Tannehill's side, claiming that he's paid to deliver results and not to prepare another player to be ready. Mike Vrabel's opinion on this matter will probably be the one that matters the most for Tannehill, and fortunately, the Titans coach has his back.

Ryan Tannehill gets strong support from Mike Vrabel

I thought Ryan [Tannehill] handled that very well,” Vrabel said, via AtoZ Sports Nashville“I thought he was genuine and authentic. I know Ryan is a great teammate. That is not his job. His job is to help us win games.”

That's what Tannehill seemed to imply, although one could also believe that he wouldn't say that if he wasn't worried about his job security. It's never easy for an aging quarterback to see his team going for a younger player at his position, but the way they react says a lot about them.

Some choose to accept the fact that Father Time is just around the corner and therefore help their backup as much as they can, while others only try to hold on to their job as much as they can. Tannehill seems to be the latter.

However, Vrabel might be doing the right thing. By voicing his support for Tannehill, he shuts this issue down more easily and avoids creating more drama ahead of a very demanding season.