Unless you've been living under a rock, chances are that you're well aware of Deshaun Watson's current situation. The Houston Texans quarterback wanted to force his way out of the team but now, he's got something way bigger on his plate.

Watson is facing over a dozen lawsuits from 24 different women who claim that he sexually assaulted them during massage sessions. His attorney denied said accusations and deemed them blackmail, but the legal conflict isn't going away any time soon.

Even so, NBC Sports' ProFootballTalk recently reported that multiple quarterback-needy teams are still trying to find the way to land Deshaun Watson pretty soon regardless of his current legal status.

NFL Teams Still Want To Tarde For Deshaun Watson Amid Legal Turmoil

"A Saturday report from Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle suggests otherwise. Wilson cites unnamed sources to support the claim that multiple teams remain interested in Watson: Eagles, Panthers, Jets, Dolphins, 49ers and Broncos," the report started.

Teams Could Be Wary Of Making A Move For Watson Right Now

Then again, there's still the chance that the NFL puts Deshaun Watson on paid leave, meaning that he wouldn't be able to play but he'd still make his salary. Obviously, that would scare off most potential suitors.

"Being interested and actually making a trade are two different things. With the current legal cloud(s) over Watson, anyone who trades for him would assume the risk that Watson will be suspended without pay, eventually. The new team also would possibly have to pay Watson, if he’s placed on the Commissioner-Exempt list while the various lawsuits proceed — or while a prosecution happens," Florio concluded.

Watson's situation is getting more complicated by the day and it seems like he's not going anywhere for the time being at least. But still, teams will definitely be camping next to the phone as soon as we get some updates.