The Buccaneers won the first two weeks of the 2022 NFL season in what was a display of the top form of their offensive and defensive line. But they relaxed during Week 3 and 4, the team losing two straight games against the Packers and Chiefs.

After those two painful home losses Tom Brady was upset and wanted to win a game at home before playing on the road again. And Week 5 was perfect, they played and won against the Falcons.

But that win against the Falcons was not only special for Tom Brady, it was also special for the entire team as it was the first home win of the 2022 NFL season.

What is Brady's personal record against the Atlanta Falcons?

Tom Brady is one of the few quarterbacks to have won against all 32 NFL teams, and against five of those teams he has never lost a game. Brady's record against the Falcons is perfect with 11 wins, the last one being number eleven during NFL 2022 Week 5.

Brady is also unbeaten against the Cowboys, Vikings, Patriots and Buccaneers. But his biggest personal record is against the Falcons, that's the only team he has beaten more than ten times without losing to them.

Brady's record against the Steelers is also strong with 12 wins but three losses, and against the Chiefs his record is 8-5 overall.