Matthew Stafford is the defending champion along with his team the Los Angeles Rams, they are not the biggest favorite for the upcoming 2022-2023 NFL season but they are among the contenders to win another Super Bowl.

Backup quarterbacks are not used during the season unless absolutely necessary due to an injury sustained by the starter. Another case where backups are used is during alternate plays or trick plays.

Most backup quarterbacks are youngsters who were recently drafted, but there are others who are veterans who already know what it's like to play as a starter and are even Super Bowl champions with a top NFL franchise.

NFL Backup Quarterbacks 2022 Rankings: Who is the best backup right now?

The names on this list are based on two things, the first is experience and the second is the overall player rating regardless of age or team. Some backup QBs used to be starters but lost that job due to their inconsistency.

1. Teddy Bridgewater (Dolphins)
2. Case Keenum (Bills)
3. Drew Lock / Geno Smith (Seahawks, one will be the starter but both are quality backup)
4. Mike White (Jets)
5. Heinicke / Howell (Commanders)
6. Colt McCoy (Cardinals)
7. Bailey Zappe (Patriots)
8. Gardner Minshew II (Eagles)
9. Tyrod Taylor (Giants)
10. Andy Dalton (Saints)

It's unlikely that a backup would lead a franchise to the playoffs to win the Super Bowl but it has already happened when Earl Morrall (Bob Griese's backup) won Super Bowl VII playing for the Miami Dolphins.

On the other hand, the only backup quarterback (once was) with the most Super Bowl rings in 2022 is Jimmy Garoppolo (two rings). He played backup quarterback for Tom Brady during their reign in New England.