The New York Giants got off to an impressive start to the NFL season, fighting hard every game and even pulling off some crazy comebacks. Brian Daboll had helped turn the culture around, and they looked like a legit threat out of the NFC East.

But it seems like other teams have figured the Giants out as of late. It's either that or the multiple injuries on both sides of the gridiron, as they've now dropped three consecutive games and some believe their good run is over.

However, their Head Coach doesn't want to hear anything about that. For Daboll, their season isn't at a crossroads, and their recent stretch is only proof of how difficult it is to win in the National Football League.

NFL News: Brian Daboll Doesn't Think Their Season Is At A Crossroads

“No, I see it as getting ready to play Washington," Daboll told the media. "Yeah, just come back, do the same stuff we always to each week. Get ready to play a game. Take some rest. It’s been a tough 12 days. Obviously, we haven’t gotten the results we were looking for but I think we’ve got to just get a little bit of rest, mental recovery, physical recovery."

"Come back on Monday and get ready to play another division game. They don’t get any easier," Daboll added. "Each week is tough, and we’ll stick with our practice, our preparation, all the things we need to do to try to go ahead and give us an opportunity to win a game. But, again, it’s the ebbs and flows of a season.”


The Giants will now face another divisional rival and a team on the rise in the Washington Commanders, so things won't get any easier for the foreseeable future. Will they turn things around? Remains to be seen.