Jadeveon Clowney is - by far - the most notable player still a free agent in the NFL. The former 1st overall pick has taken a lot of time to analyze the next step in his career and now, five days away from Week 1, he's yet to sign with a team.

Clowney was reportedly looking for a deal close to $20 million per year, which was far from what the Seattle Seahawks could offer him at the moment due to their salary cap limitations. However, it seems like other teams haven't reached out to him with that kind of money either.

There's absolutely no doubt that when healthy, Jadeveon Clowney is one of the most disruptive pass-rushers in the league. He's got the ability to tear apart a play in the blink of an eye and his addition would significantly boost any team's front five.

Luckily for football fans all over the world, there's just no chance Clowney decides to sit out the year as he waits for a better year. In fact, Dianna Russini of ESPN reported that he'll announce his next team this weekend.

"I’m told Clowney has been advised to wait for cut day to wrap up this weekend, as teams involved, including others, could possibly have extra money to pay the free agent. Either way, its Clowney’s call," read the report.

Jadeveon Clowney To Choose Between Seahawks, Saints, Jaguars, And Titans

The Seattle Seahawks have every intention to resign the elite defensive end but they could only do it at a discount, should he lean towards a Super Bowl contender. If not, the Tennessee Titans have reportedly ramped up their interest in him.

The New Orleans Saints have entered the race at the last minute as well, as per Dianna Russini's report, while the Jacksonville Jaguars were said to be leading the race as of this past Friday as the Baltimore Ravens gave up on their pursuit of his services. Where will you go, Clowney?