It's been quite a while since the Chicago Bears were truly competitive.Matt Eberflus vowed to put Justin Fields in a position to succeed and thus lead the franchise to success again, but it hasn't been pretty at all thus far.

The Bears fought their way to an ugly home win vs. the Niners, but that win should be taken with a grain of salt. Their real offense was at full display when they visited the Green Bay Packers, and Fields rarely threw the football.

Following the embarrassing loss, the Ohio State product chose his words quite poorly. Instead of acknowledging  how bad he had played and how terrible the play-calling was, he took a shot at Bears fans.

NFL News: Justin Fields Says Players Suffer More From Losing Than Fans

"Yeah, it hurts more in the locker room than the Bears fans," Fields said. "At the end of the day, they aren't putting in any work. I see the guys in the locker room every day. I see how much work they put in. Coming out of a disappointing loss like this, it hurts."


Fields Tried To Clear The Air After Uncalled For Comments On Bears Fans

Unsurprisingly, Bears fans didn't seem to care for those comments at all. Field put himself in a tough spot, and it's not like he's done anything on the field to back up those comments with his play. So, he had to do some damage control after those unnecessary comments:

"Yeah, I was mad after the game. I'd like to address this now to get everything cleared up," Fields said, per ESPN. "There was a thing I said on Sunday after the game where I said the fans don't put in work. First off, I was frustrated after the game. Number one, I didn't want to talk to you guys. I wasn't in the mood to come and talk to you guys. So, I should've done a better job of explaining what I meant by that.

"What I meant by that is I'm talking about work regarding the game on Sunday, winning the game. I don't know any fans. I don't know what they're doing in their personal lives. I respect every fan that we have," Fields added. "I'm glad that we have fans. I would never disrespect anybody on what they do or what they love to do. It came off like that. Some social media outlets, they quoted my quote, and they got a big buzz out of it. So, of course, they did a great job doing that. Of course social media is going to do that. But I just wanted to clear that up."

"I talked to my dad about it, and as long as I'm going to be in this position there's going to be stuff like that that pops up, so just knowing that as long as I'm in this profession that it's never going to go away, so just got to either be really clear to everything that I say, be really descriptive to what I mean, or really just don't say anything at all," the QB concluded.


Fields was an exciting prospect when he first entered the league, and it's hard to blame him for the team's shortcomings. But these comments won't do much to help his case, especially if he doesn't back them up in the gridiron.