It seems that the success Patrick Mahomes has achieved in football is not enough. Now, the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs is interested in showcasing his skills in a new sport: baseball.

In 2017, the Chiefs made a life-changing decision by drafting Patrick Mahomes. Despite not being regarded as one of the best quarterbacks of his class at the time, he has undoubtedly exceeded everyone’s expectations with his incredible talent.

Since then, Mahomes has secured three Super Bowl titles. Now, it seems he’s interested in achieving success in another sport, as he has clear intentions of joining the Kansas City Royals this spring.

Patrick Mahomes wants to join the Royals, Andy Reid gives bold answer

Having one of the greatest careers in NFL history is not enough for Patrick Mahomes. Now, the talented quarterback is poised to try another sport—one he could have also dominated if he hadn’t pursued football.

Patrick Mahomes’ father was a major league pitcher, and the quarterback is a part owner of the Kansas City Royals. For these reasons, he’s highly interested in trying his luck in baseball to see if he could also dominate this sport.

As the 2024 NFL season is far away, Mahomes is interested in practicing with the Royals. The quarterback has unveiled that he will ask the Chiefs for permission to join the MLB team in its spring trainings.

“I’ve talked to the Royals,” Mahomes said in his interview with Time Magazine on his interest in playing baseball. “And if I can maybe go out to a spring training, I’m not opposed to that.

Patrick Mahomes quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs

“I’ll get it approved by the Chiefs and everything like that. But maybe one of these years I go out there and see what I got. See if I can still hit the ball or pitch or whatever that is. Maybe not in the games but I can at least practice with them.”

What did Andy Reid say about Mahomes’ interest in baseball?

Even though Patrick Mahomes is interested in playing baseball this spring, the Chiefs must approve this move. The NFL team wants him focused on the 2024 season, but it seems like Andy Reid is okay with the quarterback’s desire.

“He was a heck of a baseball player,” Reid said. “He grew up around it. I’m sure he can play in the major leagues. I mean, he’s pretty gifted. He’d have to take me as a manager.”

SURVEY Should Patrick Mahomes try baseball?

Should Patrick Mahomes try baseball?