The Broncos pulled off a massive move by landing Russell Wilson in the offseason. The veteran quarterback had proven to be elite in Seattle, and when it looked clear he was done with the Seahawks, Denver acted fast.

However, it's been four weeks in the 2022 NFL season and it looks like the team has yet to figure out how to help him. Though it's not like Wilson's stats are terrible - he has only one interception, the team could certainly do much better than 2-2.

Former NFL coach Sean Payton may have decided to step away from his head coaching duties at the Saints this year, but now he's analyzing the game from the outside and even shared how he would work with Wilson.

Broncos receive advice from Sean Payton on Russell Wilson

I’d want a cut up of all Russell’s pass plays of 30 or more yards from the field, and I’d want to see are there some schemes that he felt very comfortable with,” Payton told Colin Cowherd, via ProFootballTalk.

“Like, I know that they did a great job in Seattle of bringing him off of a naked boot[leg] and then pulling up and we all saw that like throw back to [receiver Tyler] Lockett across the field where the ball traveled 60 yards in the air.

"Then, I’d want to look at another film of his red-zone touchdown passes inside the 20. And so what I’m asking for from assistants, I’m asking for some of his greatest hits and to make sure we have those song lyrics available. And if not, let’s put them in.”

Payton is expected to return to coaching next year, though his landing spot remains uncertain. However, if Nathaniel Hackett fails to turn things around, he could end up coaching Wilson.