Tom Brady spent two decades wreaking havoc in the AFC East. He torched and dominated the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, and Miami Dolphins; leading the division more often than not with the New England Patriots.

For some reason, however, it seems like Brady often struggled to be at his best when he visited the Dolphins. Maybe it was the warm weather or something but he wasn't as good on the road as he was at Foxboro, going 8-10 in Miami and 16-2 at home.

But now that he's spent the past couple of years in Florida, it seems like Brady might as well switch sides and join the Bucs' AFC neighbors, as he could still be traded to the Miami Dolphins, per Dale Arnold.

NFL Rumors: Dolphins 'Working' On A Trade For Tom Brady

"Would not be surprised if Tom Brady didn’t play for Buccaneers next season. Try a little further South," Arnold tweeted. Then, when asked about whether the tweet referred to 2022 or 2023, Arnold said "This coming season, they’re working on it.”

Dolphins Were Ready To Pursue Brady Before His Retirement

While that's a bit of a stretch, Arnold was the first to report that Brady was heading to the Buccaneers, long before people even thought it was a real possibility. Moreover, the Dolphins were reportedly eyeing a move for him before his 'retirement:'

(Transcript via ProFootballTalk)

"Per multiple sources, and as first revealed on Monday’s PFT Live, the Dolphins planned to pursue Sean Payton to be the coach and Tom Brady to be the starting quarterback. The plan was scrapped after Brian Flores filed his lawsuit against the NFL generally and the Dolphins, Giants, and Broncos specifically.


As to Brady, Dolphins sources contend that internal discussions occurred regarding the possibility of adding Brady as a minority owner, but that those considerations currently are on hold. The delay, per Dolphins sources, has nothing to do with the lawsuit; it’s more about the uncertain status of Brady’s retirement from playing. Once it’s clear he’s not coming back to play for the Buccaneers or some other team, the plan for selling a piece of the team to Brady could proceed."

Brady did recruit several players to the Bucs over the past couple of weeks so it doesn't seem like he's trying to leave. Then again, there have been multiple reports of a feud with Bruce Arians, and the Dolphins have the cap space and draft capital to at least pick up the phone.