Having a solid run defense is a testament to effective teamwork. While the passing game has taken center stage as the game evolved, there are still teams that prefer to rely on their running game. Stopping the run is crucial for teams with aspirations of success, as a weak run defense can open up opportunities for the opposing offense.

The Philadelphia Eagles have emerged as the best in this regard, thanks to their dominant defensive line. The Eagles lead the league by a considerable margin, conceding just 62.9 rushing yards per game after seven matchups.

Their powerful defensive line, featuring massive tackles, has played a pivotal role in this success. They’ve allowed only three rushing touchdowns, and an equally impressive statistic is the 3.6 yards per rushing attempt they’ve given up.

Run Defense Leaders

Following closely behind the Eagles are the Detroit Lions, a team not typically associated with strong defenses. However, this season, they’ve surprised many by conceding only 76.3 rushing yards per game in their seven matchups.

The San Francisco 49ers, known for their defensive talent all over the lineup, have consistently excelled in stopping offenses. They have excelled in the run defense allowing a mere 79.3 rushing yards per game over seven games.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, with speed on every level of their defense, have secured the fourth spot in run defense rankings exploiting their talent. They have permitted an average of 80.6 rushing yards per game in seven matches.

SURVEY Can a defense unable to stop the run efficiently be successful?

Can a defense unable to stop the run efficiently be successful?


In an unexpected turn of events, the Chicago Bears have shown significant improvement in their run defense this season, allowing an average of just 82.3 rushing yards per game. Despite their issues as a team, this performance has earned them a place among the best run defenses.

Who Has the Best Scoring Defense?

The Baltimore Ravens have the best scoring defense, conceding only 13.9 points per game.