The 2022 NFL season is days away from its official kickoff and the teams are already working during the preseason to arrive in the best possible shape. Ahead of the beginning of the campaign, some training camps showed something different: the Guardian Cap. Here is how it works and if it is going to be used this year.

NFL is trying its best to reduce concussions and head injuries as it is one of the most common problems that players have during and after their careers. These protections will work for that and the league is leaving behind the fashion topic to keep everyone on the pitch safe.

During the 2022 NFL preseason, some players were seen with the Guardian Cap above their regular helmets. Although the league's intention is to keep the safetiness, not everyone is thrilled about the protections. "The hat’s fake news," said Jordan Mailata, Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle. "It doesn’t stop anything. I’m sorry NFL. I really do mean that, though. It didn’t stop anything."

What is the NFL Guardian Cap and how does it work?

The NFL partnered with Guardian Sports to build the Guardian Cap. It is a padded covering hat that goes above the regular helmet and it reduces 20% impact if both players use it; 10% if only one does.

During the beginning of the 2022 NFL preseason until the second practice game, all offensive and defensive linemen, tight ends, and linebackers were required to wear the Guardian Cap to reduce the risk of concussions and head injuries.

"The Guardian Cap provided that extra layer of protection you needed during practice," said David Edwards, Los Angeles Rams OL. "The last thing you want is to lose players on the offensive and defensive lines to head injuries during practice or training camp. The cap helped reduce some of those injuries and was useful to our team last season."

Will the players use the Guardian Cap during the 2022 NFL season?

As today, the use of the Guardian Cap is only until the second preseason game and not for the NFL regular season. However, the researchers have demonstrated that the use of this extra protection reduces concussions and head injuries in a large percentage, so it wouldn't be a surprise if it is mandatory for next campaign.

NFL head coaches such as Mike Tomlin, Ron Rivera, Frank Reich and Mike Vrabel are true believers of the benefits of the Guardian Cap. They recommended their players to wear it through all the 2022 training camp.