Well, recruiting is getting crazier as the years go by. I mean, college programs are literally going after kids even years before they declare their intentions of becoming a professional NFL, MLB, or NFL player.

It seems like, regardless of their intentions, talents, or desire to play, every single college on earth just wants to call dibs on a young guy, even if he has yet to play a single minute of any given sport.

That's what happened to Patrick Mahomes' daugther Sterling Skye Mahomes - who's not even a month old - a couple of weeks ago, as she got a national letter of intent for a full soccer scholarship at Texas Tech just two days after being born.

Texas Tech Offers Patrick Mahomes' Baby Daughter A Full Scholarship

Yeah, crazy as it may seem, Texas Tech has already made a move to land baby Sterling, going as far as to share it on Twitter with the caption: "An early offer, but worth the wait. We'll be ready for her!"

It was pretty obvious that Sterling Skye wasn't going to have much trouble in the future, as her dad Patrick Mahomes recently signed the largest contract in major sports history with the Kansas City Chiefs.

That's why this letter of intent raised some controversies on social media, with people telling Texas Tech to save that scholarship for athletes who can't afford to go to college rather than the daughter of an NFL superstar.

Well, that's just a joke - I hope - so people shouldn't read too much into it. Even if Sterling indeed wants to play soccer, there's no way that Pat is going to accept that deal and take the money out of a less-privileged athlete's pocket.

Well, it's still pretty early to tell, but when your grandpa is an MLB player and your dad is an NFL superstar, chances are you're going to turn out pretty well yourself.