The Kansas City Chiefs find themselves in unusual territory right now. Despite having one of the most overpowered offenses in the NFL, they've dropped 2 out of 3 games this season and are now 1-3 since the Super Bowl.

Andy Reid's team hasn't been able to get stops and has only relied upon their offense. But, as explosive as it is, no team on Earth can win with a subpar defense if they turn the ball over four times in one game.

That's why it wasn't much of a surprise to see the Chiefs lose to an up-and-coming Los Angeles Chargers team. Then again, Patrick Mahomes doesn't seem too worried about the slow start to the season.

Patrick Mahomes Isn't Worried About The Chiefs' Slow Start

“I mean not a lot," Mahomes told Heavy. "We scored 24 points with four turnovers. I mean you’re not going to win games with four turnovers in this league. We were moving the ball the way we wanted to, and we got ourselves back in the game and gave ourselves a chance at the end. There’s not much concern, it’s just about going in and putting in the work every single week.”

Mahomes admitted that it's not unusual for them to be in this position. Nonetheless, he still has plenty of confidence in his team's ability to bounce back and get back to their usual dominant self:

“Yeah, this is unusual for us. To be honest, it’s a little bit of a crossroads for us. We’ve got great leadership and our guys are going to battle back. Our guys are going to battle back strong, and we’re going to have a great week of practice and clean it up," he concluded.

The Chiefs have way too much talent on their ranks not to come back from this. But right now, with that defense, they look far from the Super Bowl contender they've been over the past couple of years.