The Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback has a contract valued at $450m, but his home is worth just $1.8m in a small area between the Kansas City, Missouri border and the state of Kansas. Patrick and Brittany live together in a 4,343 sq foot ‘ranch’ just 20 minutes from the Chiefs' home field, Arrowhead Stadium. In addition to his home, Patrick Mahomes bought a piece of land in Dallas to build his own half-sized football field for his personal practice and rehab.

Patrick Mahomes is not only a good quarterback but he is also a smart man as he spent only $1.8m of his $10m signing bonus to buy that beautiful home. Although Patrick could order a $20m mansion built like Tom Brady once did when he played for the Patriots.

The Super Bowl LIV champion's home was built in the 20th century and has 3 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths, and a pool. It is a humble place for someone like Mahomes who has his life secured for the next 10 years.

Where does Patrick Mahomes live?

Mahomes and his daughter's mother, Brittany Matthews, live on a 4,343 sq foot ranch in Kansas City, Missouri and tightly close to the Kansas border, in the Sunset Hills West neighborhood. Mahomes' house was built in 1953 but the couple remodeled the house to make it more comfortable and family friendly. 

To clarify the address of Mahomes' home and thus avoid confusion for people who are not from United States, there are two cities called Kansas City, one is in the state of Missouri (Mahomes lives there) and the other Kansas City is located in the state of Kansas. The Chief’s stadium, Arrowhead is located in Missouri as well.

Does Patrick Mahomes have another house?

Yes, the Chiefs' starting quarterback bought in January 2021 a piece of land in an exclusive area of Kansas called Loch Lloyd where he plans to build a 60 yards Mansion within the exclusive country club community.