In just his first full season as a starter, Joe Burrow did the unthinkable and led the Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl. Moreover, he did that with one of the worst offensive lines in the National Football League.

Burrow led the league in pass completion percentage. He was a master at extending plays, getting out of the pocket, and throwing in stride with little-to-no time. But that wasn't enough against a stout, physical defense featuring Aaron Donald.

But even if Burrow failed to lead the Bengals to a game-winning drive in Super Bowl LVI, Los Angeles Rams veteran Eric Weddle still had no choice but to tip his hat off to the Heisman winner.

Joe Burrow Will Be Back To The Super Bowl, Says Eric Weddle

“I was obviously impressed,” Weddle told Sports Illustrated. “I mean, you don't lead a team to the Super Bowl if you're not all about it, right? And I just love his mentality, I love his moxie, I love him. He's all ball and he's not into the social media B.S. He's not into the limelight. He's not into what everyone else thinks. He just silently goes to work, and it's refreshing to see. And obviously, I mean they're gonna be good for a long time."

“His moment wasn't tonight, but he'll get his moment," Weddle added. "You hope he's O.K. But it was just fun to compete at the highest level with these guys. And to see that and try to make life difficult for him as best I could and make him think twice, I think I did that. And he'll be better from this performance for sure.”

The Bengals are young and up-and-coming. They'll have enough money and draft assets to revamp that terrible offensive line, which is perhaps the lone weak spot on their roster. So yeah, their time will come.