The Super Bowl rings are worth more than money, they are an individual gift that each player receives after winning the NFL Championship game. It is a custom ring, with the team’s logo and name bathed in gold and diamonds. And in this 2022, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams will clash to get the Super Bowl LVI ring. The value of a Super Bowl ring is around $35,000 minimum, but the value of the ring can increase considerably depending on who owns it.

The ring recently presented to the winners of Super Bowl LV, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is valued at more than thirty-five thousand dollars, it is a fabulous diamond design with the name of the team and the logo in the center of the ring. That was the seventh ring for Tom Brady.

There are rings that are worth more than others for collectors since it depends on which player is the owner of said ring. The rings of a player from the offensive line are worth a little more than the super bowl rings of a player from the special teams.

How much is a Super Bowl Ring worth?

Since a few seasons ago the minimum value of a Super Bowl ring is estimated at $35,000. The 2021 Super Bowl LV rings are worth $35,000 each and were awarded to all players in the roster, coaching staff and front office personnel. The Buccaneers ring was specially designed so that the top of it was removable, also the championship ring is made up of 15 karats of white diamond with yellow and white gold.

What is the most expensive Super Bowl ring?

The most expensive ring ever given was to the New England Patriots after they won Super Bowl XLIX in 2014. Each ring given to the Patriots roster was worth $36,500, that would be $42,854.07 in 2022 and Brady was still playing with them back then.

How much are Tom Brady's super bowl rings worth?

Tom Brady owns seven Super Bowl rings, each of his rings have an average cost of $35,000 but as Tom Brady has one of the largest records in the NFL it could be said that each of his rings are worth 10 times the original value. Less than a year ago, in 2021, a relative of Tom Brady sold a ring which was owned by the Brady family for $ 344,927, with that figure it could be estimated that the total value of the 7 Tom Brady rings is $2,414,489.