A new era will begin for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year. Following Tom Brady’s retirement after the 2022 season, Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask will now compete for the starting quarterback role. However, a video featuring them reveals why the team already misses their former player.

Tom Brady’s retirement shocked the entire NFL. After 23 successful seasons, he decided to quit football, leaving the Buccaneers without a quarterback. The team found one in the free agency, as Baker Mayfield is set to be their starter for the 2023 campaign.

Kyle Trask is their other option. Tampa Bay selected him with the 64th-overall pick in 2021, but he spent his first seasons behind Brady. He wants an opportunity to prove himself, but Mayfield will try to give his best in order to keep the job and earn a contract extension once the 2023 season ends.

Video shows Mayfield and Trask struggling to replace Tom Brady

It is not easy to be Brady’s replacement. Once the Buccaneers signed Baker Mayfield, he admitted that he was not going to try to fill Tom’s shoes, as the former Rams player knows it is nearly impossible to do so.

Tampa Bay brought Mayfield to be the starter as he has had experience before. However, Kyle Trask wants an opportunity, waiting for a mistake by Baker in order to take the job and do everything to keep it.

Unfortunately for both quarterbacks, they have been caught on camera having some troubles while leading the offense. During the OTAs, both Mayfield and Trask were unable to reach their targets, with some very disappointing throws by them.

These videos led to the reaction of the fans. Some of them are asking the team to sign another quarterback to replace them, as they don’t feel sure that neither Mayfield nor Trask will lead them to success.