The Dallas Cowboys are known as America's Team because of the huge fan base they have across the country, but other teams like the 49ers, Bears and Steelers also have a powerful fan base.

The team with most Super Bowl titles are the New England Patriots, but the Dallas Cowboys also have titles, they won two in the 70s and three in the 90s. But the Cowboys don't know what it's like to win a Super Bowl title in the 21st century.

The 2021 NFL season was another disappointment for fans after the Cowboys lost in the Wild Card Playoffs against the 49ers 17-23. The regular season record was positive with 12 wins and only 5 losses.

Why are the Dallas Cowboys considered so popular?

1. Behind the Cowboys popularity is the marketing that shocked football fans in the 60s and 70s. During those 20 years the team was good at playing football, plus the Cowgirls (cheerleaders) attracted many more fans.

2. During the 70s football (NFL) was being broadcast more frequently on TV plus the Cowboys won two Super Bowls during that decade, that fed much more of the fan base that they already had. Other teams also grew during the 70s thanks to TV.

3. The triumvirate of Tex Schramm as General Manager, Gil Brand as head of player personnel and Tom Landry as head coach made the Cowboys grow even more for 30 long years, Schramm was instrumental in making the team grow much faster.

4. America's Team nickname changed many things for the franchise, it was NFL Films who  started to use that nickname and from there the Cowboys were identified as an 'all american team'.

5. Finally, the popularity of the Cowboys is strongly related to Jerry Jones (Team owner, GM and President) since when he bought the franchise in 1989 and fired Tom Landry as head coach the Cowboys had a successful decade in the 90s and at that time the power of television in the United States was growing even more.