The FIFA World Cup is a unique experience that every soccer fan wants to experience. There is no other way to provide the necessary context for the world to revolve around a ball for a little less than a month. It is the biggest party in the sport. In this case, for Qatar 2022, there is an indispensable procedure to be able to enjoy this tournament: the Hay'ya Card.

Thus, from November 20 to December 18 will be held in Qatar 2022, the twenty-second edition of this tournament, which for the first time is held at the end of the year and, similarly, had never before been held in the Middle East, a land that has the challenge of demonstrating that the heat of the desert can be transferred to soccer the millions of fans who will enjoy it live and around the world.

Among the preparations that must be made in order to fulfill the dream of witnessing a FIFA World Cup live is not only getting tickets, booking accommodation and getting transportation that fits the budget you have, you must also comply with the rules of the host country.

What is the Qatar 2022 Hay'ya Card?

Ahead of the Russia 2018 World Cup, a system was implemented to credential all fans attending the tournament, in order to have as much control as possible over who attends a World Cup match. This system was baptized as Fan ID

This kind of passport allows you to have a record of the face, full name and nationality, among other data, of all those who live the live adventure of a FIFA World Cup. The system implemented in Russia 2018 was such a success that it will be implemented again for the next edition of this great tournament.

With a test phase conducted during the Arab Cup 2021, the Hay'ya Card is the Fan ID that will operate during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. This document must be ready to be displayed, either in physical or digital format, to identify the bearer during attendance at any event related to this tournament. It is personal and non-transferable.

Khalid Ali Al-Mawlawi, one of the leaders of this project of credentialing, control and identification of fans attending Qatar 2022, revealed the meaning of the Arabic word "Hay'ya". This is "let's go," in a clear signal of invitation to the world to join the greatest soccer party.

What will the Hay'ya Card be required for during Qatar 2022?

This identification and credentialing system for the upcoming FIFA World Cup attendees will be required at virtually all times during the tournament. The Hay'ya Card will serve as a complement to the entry visa for those visitors who require it and as a permit to enter the country to attend the World Cup for those people who do not need a visa. 

Another crucial moment when Hay'ya Card will be indispensable is when entering stadiums. Even if you have a ticket for any of the Qatar 2022 matches, you will also be required to present your Hay'ya Card to gain access to the stadium.

Finally, this fan identification and credentialing system also becomes a benefit, since on match days, presenting the Hay'ya Card allows free access to public transportation. Whether it is the Doha Metro or the bus system. 

How to get the Hay'ya Card for Qatar 2022?

At this point, it is important to clarify that the entire process of receiving information, evaluation, management and awarding of the Hay'ya Card of the upcoming FIFA World Cup is governed by the government of Qatar and not by FIFA.

Then the application process can be carried out through the app of the same name (Hayya) or on the following website. There is only one main requirement: in order to apply for a Hay'ya Card it is necessary to have already assigned and paid tickets for Qatar 2022. Without them, there is no way to apply for the aforementioned identification document.

If you already have tickets allocated and paid for Qatar 2022, the next step for fans residing outside the upcoming World Cup host country is to complete the accommodation reservation for the time you will be staying in Qatar. Only then, with tickets and accommodations duly finalized, can you proceed to apply for a Hay'ya Card.

The data and information to be provided in the Hay'ya Card application form are: type of ticket purchased and application code (revealed only to those applications accepted for ticket purchase), a color photograph with white or very light background, without glasses and allowing easy appreciation of the face that weighs no more than 2 MB, clarification of residence in Qatar or abroad, passport in digital format, date of birth, full name, an emergency contact, and a phone number.

Once applied, a waiting period is required for the procedure to continue. However, with your Hay'ya Card already applied for, your tickets and your accommodation, you are much closer to live the great experience that will be the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.