From November 20 to December 18, the world will be talking about nothing else but soccer, as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 takes place. This is the first time this major tournament will be played in the Middle East.

Likewise, the World Cup is normally held in the middle of the year in which it is scheduled, which makes it an iconic summer highlight, however, this time it has been moved to the end of 2022 for climatic reasons.

Qatar 2022 will be a party attended by the best 32 national teams in the world, with 64 matches to be held in 8 stadiums located in 5 cities, which will define the team that will occupy the FIFA throne. Millions of fans will enjoy it live and many millions more will do so through their televisions and mobile devices.

How long does a fan have to wait to enjoy the FIFA World Cup?

It is undoubtedly a long wait, but well worth it. Since its first edition in 1930, the FIFA World Cup has been held every four years. Throughout its 92-year history, only two editions have been canceled, for reasons of force majeure that go beyond what happens inside a soccer field.

How was the FIFA World Cup born?

Soccer was included in the program of the Olympic Games from 1908, however, FIFA, born in May 1904, gave validity to this tournament until 1914. Six years later, in Egypt 1920, the first intercontinental event of National Teams with FIFA's endorsement was held which was won by Belgium.

The 1924 and 1928 editions of the Olympic Games were won by Uruguay, then the best team in the world. Given the success of these tournaments, the then president of FIFA, the Frenchman Jules Rimet, decided that a world tournament of national teams would be held, totally controlled by FIFA. Thus, in May 1928, at the Amsterdam Congress of this organization, the World Cup was born. 

Due to the celebration of the centennial of its independence, the organization of the first edition of the FIFA World Cup was awarded to the two-time Olympic champion and then six-time champion of South America, Uruguay. 

Why is the FIFA World Cup held every four years?

The specific reason why it was decided that this prestigious tournament would be held every four years is unknown, however, it makes sense that this would be the case in order to generate excitement among fans and not coincide with the Olympic Games and the Copa America, which came into being long before the World Cup. The European Cup was born 30 years after Uruguay 1930.

Which editions of the World Cup had to be canceled and why?

After the 1938 edition of France, won by Italy, the first two-time champion in the history of this tournament, the World Cup had to be stopped due to the Second World War. The 1942 and 1946 editions could not be held for this reason. The party restarted in Brazil 1950.

The list of the FIFA World Cup editions held so far

Counting Qatar 2022, which is to be held at the end of this year, there have now been 22 editions of the FIFA World Cup in its 92-year history. Including all the national teams that have played in it, 79 squads have participated at least once in this prestigious tournament.

1. 1930 - Uruguay

2. 1934 - Italy

3. 1938 - France

1942 - not celebrated

1946 - not celebrated

4. 1950 - Brazil

5. 1954 - Switzerland

6. 1958 - Sweden

7. 1962 - Chile

8. 1966 - England

9. 1970 - Mexico

10. 1974 - Germany

11. 1978 - Argentina

12. 1982 - Spain

13. 1986 - Mexico

14. 1990 - Italy

15. 1994 - the United States

16. 1998 - France

17. 2002- Korea-Japan

18. 2006 - Germany

19. 2010 - South Africa

20. 2014 - Brazil

21. 2018 - Russia

22. 2022 - Qatar