The week was used for teams to start completing their Copa del Rey games in a schedule that won’t have much rest. Although this clash will be for La Liga, with important clubs such as Atletico Madrid and Barcelona trying to get the best score for their goals today.

Barcelona remain as the leaders with Real Madrid since they lost on the road against Villarreal on Saturday, so a tie or a victory here will leave them at the top. Their Wednesday match vs Intercity was supposed to be an easy win, though they needed to make a bigger effort than expected to beat the third-division club 4-3 in overtime.

For Atletico Madrid their clash in the other domestic tournament was also favorable. They had to take on Real Oviedo from just one lower division, but they didn’t have troubles to solve it. The 2-0 away victory gave them the pass to the next round, though in La Liga they are far from the top. Their main objective will be finishing in the top 4 since they are also already eliminated from this year’s Champions League.

Will Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona be available on the radio?

This will be one of those matchups that no one wants to miss. There are plenty of variables to watch it on television, but some people may want or have to follow it in another way. Luckily for them they will be able to listen this Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona today. The place where this game will be available on is Tune In.