ChatGPT is one of the latest generative artificial intelligence advancements, and it's opening up new possibilities in football/soccer. AI has immense potential, so it's no surprise that it's disrupting many different sectors, including sports. 

Football teams might benefit greatly from using AI to better understand their supporters and make strategic commercial choices. In fact, it has been applied in many facets of the beautiful game over the last decade, including player performance monitoring, match score prediction, and referee aid.

The chatbot developed by OpenAI has the potential to boost participation rates since it allows spectators to learn more about their favorite players in real time. But while it may be the most talked-about artificial intelligence technology right now and has earned attention as a promising tool, the scenario is quite different for Snapchat AI.

Who will finish in the top four positions in the Premier League according to Snapchat AI?

Despite being powered by ChatGPT, the Snapchat My AI chatbot, which was just released, has a long way to go before it can be considered a serious contender. It may suggest activities, provide information, and have conversations with its users.

Differentiating Snapchat's version from the others is the ability to give the chatbot a user-created name and Bitmoji avatar. Numerous positive reviews have been written about it, and it has become more popular in the United Kingdom for users to ask it to rank football players or determine which footballer is the greatest in the Premier League.

However, a Snapchat user has used the feature to ask which teams will earn the top four berths in the Premier League. The response was quite notable. Take a look at it: