As if Chelsea could use more problems, star signing Enzo Fernandez is about to get a lesson in culture after an ill-advised Instagram story. The World Cup winner posted an Instagram story with João Felix and the text “Are you angry F**?”.

The picture is of Enzo Fernandez smiling and João Felix with a sour face, by no means was the post meant to be offensive, but it will result in a culture shock for the Argentine, who will have to get used to the fact that certain words cannot be said publicly.

The P-word in Argentina is used a lot among friends in a joking manner, while a homophobic slur, the insult is not meant as such within certain groups but could come across the wrong way in other cultures. At the moment no word has come from the English FA who does not allow the players to use this kind of language, which could result in a fine or ban.

Edinson Cavani was banned in England before

In 2020, Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani was sanctioned by the English FA while at Manchester United for using the word “negrito” in an Instagram post thanking a friend. While the word itself could be used to offend, in Uruguay the term is often used to describe a good friend, no matter their skin color.

Edinson Cavani was suspended for three games and had to pay a fine in the range of $130,000. For Enzo Fernandez it will be a culture lesson, one the Argentine will have to respect going forward in the Premier League.