The Kings League announced its first new player: Javier Hernandez. The Mexican striker has signed for Porcinos FC, which is owned by streamer Ibai Llanos, but how did the Spanish convince Chicharito to join his team?

Gerard Pique's new project is the Kings League, a tournament in which 12 celebrities, including streamers, TikTokers and former soccer players, will own a team to compete in a 7 vs. 7 format.

Ibai Llanos is one of those owners. The Spanish streamer is in front of Porcinos FC and, as the rules establish, they are able to sign two stars for their teams. Well, he chose a striker for his team and convinced Chicharito Hernandez, LA Galaxy's player, to join their cause next year.

What is the Kings League?

In November 10, 2022, Gerard Pique, former Barcelona defender, announced the creation of the Kings League. The president invited 12 celebrities to own a team and compete against each other for the title.

In this 7 vs. 7 format, the league will have a draft in December where people around the world will be selected to play in a tournament that will take place in January, 2023. All the players will be payed as they will be considered as professionals.

There are some new rules in this format as Pique wants a more attractive sport. One of those is that each team has two spots available for outsiders, which could be former soccer players, celebrities or whatever they want.

How did Ibai Llanos convince Chicharito Hernandez to sign with Porcinos FC?

A few days after the Kings League was born, the owners started talking about which would be their two extra signings. Ibai Llanos wanted a top player and reached Chicharito Hernandez to convince him to join Porcinos FC.

Both Ibai and Chicharito were live on stream when the Spanish called the striker. They started talking and Llanos told him about the idea. Hernandez answered that he was interested in joining his team as the league's calendar doesn't clash with the MLS.

Now, Ibai announced on Twitch that Chicharito is the fist signing in the history of the Kings League. It is uncertain if the Mexican will play all the matches, but it is definitely a huge move by Porcinos FC to seek the title.

Kings League: Who are the owners of the 12 teams?

As said before, Gerard Pique looked for 12 celebrities to own a team in his new project. Streamers, TikTokers, former soccer players and even a journalist will be the heads of the 12 squads that will compete for the Kings League trophy in 2023.

  • Porcinos FC (Ibai Llanos - Spanish Twitch streamer)
  • Sayans FC (TheGrefg - Spanish Twitch streamer)
  • Rayo Barcelona (Spursito - Spanish Twitch streamer)
  • Aniquiladores FC (JuanSGuarnizo - Colombian Twitch streamer)
  • Kunisports (Sergio Aguero - Former Argentinian forward)
  • Ultimate Mostoles (DjMariio - Spanish Twitch streamer)
  • Jijantes FC (Gerard Romero - Spanish journalist)
  • PIO FC (Rivers - Mexican Twitch streamer)
  • El Barrio (Adri Contreras - Spanish TikToker)
  • XBuyer Team (xBuyer and MiniBuyer - Spanish Twitch streamers)
  • 1K (Iker Casillas - Former Spanish goalkeeper)
  • Troncos FC (Perxitaa - Spanish Twitch streamer)