Cristiano Ronaldo shocked everyone when he announced his move to Al-Nassr, including the team's players. Now, one of his teammates has revealed why they are not getting the results they expected with his arrival and why it is so difficult playing with the Portuguese striker.

After not being able to find a suitable landing spot in Europe, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to completely change the course of his career and play in Saudi Arabia for Al-Nassr after they offered hima huge contract.

The move was definitely the most interesting in the last winter transfer window. Al-Nassr's players couldn't believe it, and now one of them has revealed the real reason why they are not getting as many wins as they would have wanted with Cristiano on their side.

Cristiano Ronaldo's teammate tells why it is difficult to have him at Al-Nassr

Al-Nassr is one of the biggest clubs in Saudi Arabia, so that's why they were able to convince Cristiano Ronaldo to join their cause and fight for every single title this year.

Unfortunately, they have been far from the expectations. The team is not working with the Portuguese striker, who only has one goal in two oficial matches played, and the team was even eliminated from the Saudi Super Cup with him on the field. But Luiz Gustavo, his teammate, has an explanation for the bad moment they are living.

"Certainly, the presence of Cristiano makes it difficult for us, as all teams seek to participate against him in the best possible way, and he gives motivation to everyone," Gustavo said to RT Arabic.

Despite this situation, the midfielder thinks there are more positive things than negatives with Cristiano's arrival. "His presence at Al-Nassr gives a great advantage to the group because we learn from him everyday, given the great capabilities he possesses, both technically and physically," he added.