The expectations around Erling Haaland have been through the roof since he started to produce incredible numbers at Borussia Dortmund. In his very first year at Manchester City, the Norwegian striker is living up to the hype.

Far from struggling to adjust to his new club, the 22-year-old sensation already boasts more goals than games played both in the English Premier League and in the UEFA Champions League.

However, it looks like Haaland could be facing some trouble off the field. The Man City star was apparently spotted using his mobile phone while driving, which could result in a fine.

Erling Haaland apparently caught using phone while driving

According to a report by The Sun, Haaland was apparently looking down at his smartphone while at the wheel on a dual carriageway in the New Islington area of Manchester. The Norwegian sensation seemed to be holding the device with his left hand while steering the wheel with his right hand.

The episode is understood to have taken place the day after Haaland's memorable performance in Man City's 7-0 win over Leipzig, in which he tied the record for most goals scored in a Champions League game.

In England, drivers caught using the phone while at the wheel face six penalty points on the driving license as well as a £200 fine. Whether Haaland is ultimately punished remains to be seen, though.