There are no doubts. Lionel Messi was the best player in Qatar 2022. At 35-years old, after an amazing battle with Kylian Mbappe, Messi led Argentina to their third World Cup trophy. 

Lionel Messi finished the tournament with seven goals and was the top scorer for Argentina. In a career for the ages, Messi already has 13 total goals in FIFA World Cups and now also is the all-time leading scorer in the history of the Albiceleste surpassing Gabriel Batistuta.

Considering his brilliant performances, Lionel Messi won the Golden Ball as the best player of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and, following all the celebrations, he received a very special message. Read here to find out the text that made him cry after winning the tournament. The story is just amazing.

What was the text that made Lionel Messi cry after the World Cup?

Hernan Casciari is a writer from Argentina who lived many years in Spain watching Messi. He's the creator of the famous Editorial Orsai and has published almost twenty books in his career. Many times, Casciari's texts reach radio, television and, of course, social media. All those stories he reads out loud have a tremendous impact. 

One of those passages talked about Lionel Messi and his journey to win the World Cup. It was called, 'Lionel's suitcase'. The text by Hernan Casciari was of almost ten minutes explaining with extraordinary details the most important moments of Messi's career. Since his arrival to Barcelona with only 15 years old, until the triumph at Qatar. Casciari described Messi as a "simple man" who's now reached the "top of the world". 

"There were two types of immigrants. Those who kept their suitcase in the closet as soon as they arrived in Spain. They said 'vale (okay)', 'tío (uncle)' and ‘hostias (hosts)'. And there were those of us who didn't keep our suitcases, kept the customs, like mate or yeísmo. We said Juviawe said falls.

"Messi shut down his critics with his famous Qué mirá', bobo, andá payá (what are you looking out, look the other way he said to Wout Weghorst). This epic story wouldn't have occured if Messi had hidden his suitcase in the closet. If as a youngster he had fallen for the 'vale' or the 'hostia, tío'. He never mistaken his accent and he never forgot his place in the world. Sometimes he was the most famous human of Barcelona, but, just like all of us, he never stopped being an Argentinian living out of his country. It's difficult to explain how much joy he brought to those who were living far away from home."

After that complete and incredible narration of his life story by Casciari, the legend confirmed that he heard it thanks to his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo. In a very suprising confession, Messi admitted that he cried remembering all the sacrifices he made to win the World Cup.

"I wanted to send you this audio, because after waking up we were with Anto (his wife) drinking mate and I watched a little bit on TikTok. What Hernan wrote, what he narrated, the truth is that for me it's impressive. We started crying because it's so true everything that he said. I just wanted to say hi, thank you all and tell him (Hector) that we listened and got very emotional. We cried thanks to you. I wanted you to know. I send you a big hug and thanks again", was the message sent directly by Lionel Messi to Hernan Casciari.