In one of the most expected games of the year, Manchester City host Arsenal in the fourth round of the 2022-2023 FA Cup. The two best teams at the moment in the United Kingdom finally clash at Etihad Stadium.

Manchester City don't want to give up. A few days ago, after a victory against Tottenham, Pep Guardiola questioned if his players were still hungry for titles. This is the moment to show it. Even though they're five points behind Arsenal in the Premier League, the Citizens are very much alive in the three major competitions: Champions League, Premier and FA Cup.

Arsenal are the biggest surprise in Europe. Their start at the 2022-2023 Premier League has been amazing with 50 points after 19 games. However, the FA Cup is a very different story with the knockout stages. They have won this tournament 14 times (record) and the last one came in the 2019-2020 season.

FA Cup 2022-2023: What happens if Manchester City tie against Arsenal in the fourth round?

If Manchester City tie with Arsenal in the fourth round of the FA Cup, there will be a replay. Though this is a knockout stage, the traditional format of the tournament sends the confrontation to a second game which will be played in a later date.

However, if that replay is needed, Arsenal will be hosts considering Manchester City received the first match at Etihad Stadium. It's important to remember that if any team loses, Manchester City or Arsenal, they will be officially eliminated from the 2022-2023 FA Cup.

Nevertheless, in this first matchup, there's no scenario for extra-time or penalty shoot-out. A draw means a replay. That's it. If a replay is needed, in that second game there must be a winner. Only in that case, the fourth round battle will go to extra-time or penalty kicks.