Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not about keeping his mouth shut, in fact Ibrahimovic has some of the best quotes of any sports player on Earth. In a sit-down interview with French media the AC Milan striker offered his thoughts on the World Cup winners Argentina.

In typical Ibrahimovic fashion the 41-year-old did not bite his tongue and was very harsh on the World Cup winners other than Lionel Messi. The former LA Galaxy star was not thrilled about some of the Argentine national team’s gloating after defeating France on penalty kicks.

When it came to Kylian Mbappé, Zlatan knows the PSG star will be “okay” and has already won a World Cup and scored a hat-trick in the final. Here is what Zlatan Ibrahimovic said about Lionel Messi and his Argentina national team teammates.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic on Argentina

'I said Argentina will for sure win the World Cup. If you want to remember the Qatar World Cup for the rest of history, who is going to win? (Argentina captain) Messi. (Not Mbappe?) No, because Messi is considered the best player in history.

'I'm worried about the other players of Argentina because they will not win anything else. Messi has won everything, and he will be remembered. But the rest, that behaved badly, we can't respect that.

'This is coming from me as a professional football player at a high level. For me, it's a sign that they will win one time and will not win any more, because you don't win like that.'