The blue card is close of becoming the next revolution in soccer. According to an exclusive report from The Telegraph, the International Association Football Board is ready to implement a historic change.

If a player receives a blue card during the match, their punishment will be a 10-minute suspension. The objective of this measure is to penalize offenses which are less severe than a red card but still have a significant impact on the course of the game, such as deliberately feigning fouls to waste time or insulting referees.

In fact, several months ago, France became the pioneer of the transformation with a very similar proposal, although within Ligue 1, the suggestion was for a white card.

The discussion on that country was set for the 2024-2025 season, but with the intervention of the IFAB, things could accelerate in other competitions around the world.

What is the blue card in soccer?

In practical terms, the blue card for soccer would be similar to what happens in hockey. In that sport, players are penalized with a certain number of minutes off the ice and the time they’re out of the game is determined by the severity of the infraction.

According to The Telegraph’s information, the official announcement could come this Friday, although the initial trials may not take place in top-tier tournaments such as the Champions League or national leagues like the Premier League and La Liga.

As of now, the IFAB’s proposal would involve a 10-minute suspension for the player committing the infraction. It will be interesting to find out which international competitions apply the debut of this measure, but, FIFA has already confirmed it won’t occur in major events.

Another topic of discussion is what will happen with the combination of cards. The first reports point out that two blue cards, or the sum of a blue and a yellow, could even lead to a red card.

What seems to be out of the discussion is any tournament related to UEFA, as the president of that organization, Aleksander Ceferin, has expressed strong opposition to the blue card. The upcoming Euro to be held in Germany would, of course, not consider the new rule.

SURVEY Do you want the blue card in soccer as a new rule?

Do you want the blue card in soccer as a new rule?