The CONCACAF U20 Championship is one of the largest international association football tournaments in the North America region. It also serves the purpose of the qualifying event for the FIFA U20 World Cup. However it wasn’t always likes this.

The tournament is presented in a four round-robin groups from which the top two teams of each qualified to a playoff final round. In this 28th edition of the tournament, the 2022 CONCACAF U20 Championship was held in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The four teams that qualified to the semifinals in 2022 were Honduras, Guatemala, the USMNT and Dominican Republic. These last two decided the best of the tournament this year in a very exciting match. Check out the full list of all champions by year below.

CONCACAF Under-20 Championship Winners: List of all champions by year

As 60 years have passed, the tournament has changed a lot. First it was a tournament divided into groups. Then for the 1998 edition, were divided into two groups of four, each group hosted by a separate nation until the 2007 tournament.

The CONCACAF region returned to a championship-style tournament in which all four semifinalists qualify for the FIFA U20 World Cup since the 2009 edition of the tournament. As for the most championship winners, Mexico have the most with 13 titles. The second is the USA team with only 3 championship wins. 

Edition Year Host Champions Runners-up
1 1962 Panama Mexico Guatemala
2 1964 Guatemala El Salvador Honduras
3 1970 Cuba Mexico Cuba
4 1973 Mexico Mexico Guatemala
5 1974 Canada Mexico Cuba
6 1976 Puerto Rico Mexico Honduras
7 1978 Honduras Mexico Canada
8 1980 United States Mexico United States
9 1982 Guatemala Honduras United States
10 1984 Trinidad and Tobago Mexico Canada
11 1986 Trinidad and Tobago Canada United States
12 1988 Guatemala Costa Rica Mexico
13 1990 Guatemala Mexico Trinidad and Tobago
14 1992 Canada Mexico United States
15 1994 Honduras Honduras Costa Rica
16 1996 Mexico Canada Mexico
17 1998 Guatemala/Trinidad and Tobago US/Mexico Costa Rica/Honduras
18 2001 Canada/Trinidad and Tobago Costa Rica/Canada US/Jamaica
19 2003 Panama/United States Panama/Canada Mexico/US
20 2005 Honduras/United States US/Canada Panama/Honduras
21 2007 Panama/Mexico US/Mexico Panama/Costa Rica
22 2009 Trinidad and Tobago Costa Rica United States
23 2011 Guatemala Mexico Costa Rica
24 2013 Mexico Mexico United States
25 2015 Jamaica Mexico Panama
26 2017 Costa Rica United States Honduras
27 2018 United States United States Mexico
28 2022 Honduras United States Dominican Republic